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General Help
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1.- Competitions
2.- Training
3.- Injuries
4.- Characteristics
5.- Supporters


1.- Competitions

There are two kind of competitions: non-official and league. League competitions are played on saturdays, and best clasifications obtains points. Other competitions, such as cups, exist just for wining medals and money, and for training your swimmers. In cups, you'll win no points, but you'll win more money than in league competitions. So, if you want to earn money, you should swim wednesday with your best swimmers. But be careful if you always use the same swimers: injuries become important...

You can inscribe up to two players per proof.

Two times each season, there will be a special competition: the national meeting. The best players of each country will swim in the proofs they are qualified. Best times are chosen. So, the 30 best swimmers of every country will be inscribed automatically. In that meeting, the best 3 swimmers of each proof will be inscribed in the world meeting, which meet the best swimmers of each country. The conditions are always the same. If one of your swimers is selected for one of those national or internatinal meetings, you will recieve a lot of money.


In competitions, for each proof, the game will take the swimer's characteristics into account: each hability has got its own importance:


Energy: In this moment, this hability is not taken into account: it will probably soon desappear.

Health: An injuried swimer won't be able to swim in competitions. Take care of injuries after the competitions.

Butterfly: This is the most important hability for 50, 100 and 200 meters butterfly swimers.

Backstroke: This is the most important hability for 50, 100 and 200 meters back swimers.

Breakstroke: This is the most important hability for 50, 100 and 200 meters breakstroke swimers.

Freestyle: This is the most important hability for 50, 100, 200, 400 and 1500 meters freestyle swimers.

Strength: Secondary hability: it will improve the performance of your swimers, in any proof.

Technic: Secondary hability: it will improve slightly the performance of your swimers, in any proof.

Resistence: Secondary hability: important in long distance proofs.

Speed: Secondary hability: important in short distance proofs.


A special case is the medley proof, where an average will be made with the 4 main characteristics (butterfly, backstroke, breakstroke and freestyle). The secondary habilities will be also applied.


Points for the 10 best clasificated are distributed this way:

Place Points Trophy award League award
1 19 Gold medal Gold medal
2 16 Silver medal Silver medal
3 14 Bronze medal Bronze medal
4 13 --- ---
5 12 --- ---
6 11 --- ---
7 10 --- ---
8 9 --- ---
9 8 --- ---
10 7 --- ---
11 6 --- ---
12 5 --- ---
13 4 --- ---
14 3 --- ---
15 2 --- ---
16 1 --- ---
Others None None None


2.- Training

Trainings take place the nights of Thursdays on Fridays, more or less at 02:00.

The swimers who have participated in a competition during the week (non-officials on wedensday or club's league on saturdays) will be able to improve their habilities on the thursday's training; but it will just affect the swimers who have participated in the proofs corresponding with the fixed training. No matter what you do the rest of the week, take care of change the training type before 02:00 of thursdays to fridays nights!

For example, if you train butterfly, the two butterfly swimers of wedensday and the two butterfly swimers of saturday, will improve their habilities.

So, training one of the 4 styles, you'l be able to train up to 4 different swimers. As far as trainings are concerned, it's not useful to swim two competitions in a week with the same swimers: they will just train once...

For each kind of training, things are different. This table shows how each training will affect the swimers:

Training Improving % Proofs affected Number max. of swimers training in 1 week
Butterfly 100% All the butterfly proofs. 4
Backstroke 100% All the Backstroke proofs 4
Breakstroke 100% All the Breakstroke proofs 4
Freestyle 100% All the Freestyle proofs 4
Styles 50% for each style All the medley proofs 4
Strength 150% All the proofs 20
Resistence 150% All the proofs 20
Speed 150% All the proofs 20
Technic 150% All the proofs 20

As you can see, the 4 last cases trains the secondary habilities. Those characteristics will improve half quickly than main habilities, but you'll be able to train with all the swimers who have compited during the week. You'll have to decide which type of training you prefer, but never forget that in competitions the secondary habilities are not the most important!


3.- Injuries

Just like in real life, your swimers can get injured. The time that he will need for getting healthy will depend of your doctor level. If your doctor is really good, a swimer with 3 weeks of injury could compite in 1 week or even less!

The possibility of injuring is really low, but it exists. If one of your swimers is injured, he can not compite. In fact, you can't do anything but wait and let the doctors work.


4.- Characteristics

Those are the levels for your swimer's habilities (worse to best)




5.- Supporters

Supporter? What's that?

A Supporter is somebody who gives some money for the game developping. It's somehow aIn exchange, supporters receive some bonus options for the game

This bonus options will never mean an improvement in the game, but the player will be able to update an image for his team, publish news or see detailed stastistics, etc.

Cost of being supporter is 5€ for 3 months, or 15€ for all the year. Payement can be made via PayPal.

And so... What's PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most used and secure internet payement method. All you have to do is asking a virtual card in your bank office, (in "La CAixa", for exemple). The bank will create you a cash card (like for telephonic cards) with the money that you will tell them. And after the internet payement, the card is useless. This way, you won'y have to use your personnal credit card.