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Database issues11/10/2012 23:36
We´re sorry to announce that due to database problems we had to perform a roll-back, loosing all the actions performed on this Thursday.

Many of you had sent the competition orders today, so we will be postponing the first competition one week. Check out the championships section and submit again your swimmers´ orders.

We´re really sorry for this, we hope to solve future issues in a better way.

Thanks for your comprehension, and good luck this season!
Team swapping and new season03/10/2012 08:46
The second season of SwimFactory´s new era is about to begin!

As an exceptional occasion, we´re going to do the same as the last season: we´re going to let you people move to other division where there is a bot team, using the same method of the previous season (which resulted in a very successful result).

The dates to perform this changes are limited:

Swapping starts: 05/10/2012 16:00
Swapping ends: 10/10/2012 16:00

(The time zone for this dates is Madrid, CEST, Spanish time).

The process of swapping is:
1.- Go to the page of the team you want to swap positions with (it must be bot, in the same country as yours, and this has to be done in the dates specified). You can use the "Search" option to find the division you want to be on.
2.- Select the link "Swap positions with this team".
3.- Done. Check it out going to your team´s view, and resend again the orders for the competitions, as with every change of division orders will be deleted.

The new season is beginning on 13 October 2012 (Saturday). Don´t forget to send your orders before!
SwimFactory is growing... a lot!16/07/2012 13:11
We reached 50 "Likes" on Facebook, 50 followers on Twitter, and 300 people playing this week on SwimFactory!

Thank you all!

We’re going to give away a 3-month-supporter between Facebook "Likes" and another between Twitter followers to celebrate it!
SwimFactory on social networks!07/07/2012 12:47
We’re proud to announce that SwimFactory has reached social networks! You can pay us a visit on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter! You can do it using the buttons on the top of the page!
Welcome back!01/07/2012 18:19
Yes, we’ve finally been back on the game!

We are about to start the 17th season on SwimFactory, and many more to come in the future!

There are major changes in the game, specially economy-related. With a much more balanced economy, the game will be even more fun.

Some changes will come along, approaching SwimFactory 3.0, which is currently under exhaustive development (there will be changes in the interface, as well as in the core engine.

We hope you enjoy the tour in the new SwimFactory.

Next competition will be held on 7th July (Sunday), so don’t forget to submit your orders!
The game is going to be online!28/06/2012 12:30
Welcome back to the game!

As you already now, the game has been for sale for a year, with no successful results, so the game is officially off sale.

Why? Because now it’s a good time, as there is enough time for it, and also because the enthusiasm of the beginnings came back, where updates were up to date!

Said so, me (elbrunito), will continue being the owner of the game, and there are no perspectives to leave it.

This way, I present the next changes that will be applied in the next season (that will begin quite soon!):
- The game will be moved to a new dedicated server, with far larger capacity, so there will be no more resource problems like before.
- The economy is deeply dis-balanced. An economic readjustment will be performed according to a new economy study performed. It will be no longer so easy to keep in a team those monstrous swimmers out there.
- The progress of the actual season (from a year ago) will be reset. If we are going to restart, let’s do it well and with justice (everyone starting at the same point).
- The swimmers will be deleted. Anyway, there is some people that really loved their old players, so they will be granted the possibility to get their names back (we will perform a renaming of them if we can corroborate they were players of the old team, checking it case by case).
- There won’t be any changes in groups (no team movements)
- The transference history will be cleared.
- Trainers and physiotherapists will be brain-washed and their level will be set to the lowest.
- The economy of the teams will be reset as well, to the initial quantity for newly created teams (500.000).

About when the game is going to start... the expected date is July 1st at 20:00!